RicoCoco’s Chocolate Tea was discovered in 2012 by a Husband and Wife Team who wanted to introduce something unique from their home countries of South America and bring it to the Australian public.

RicoCoco’s is the First Australian Company to solely provide Chocolate Tea (Cacao Husk). We hand roast the shells to release the flavour. 100% Organic & Natural with no Sugar, calories or caffeine.

The Name Rico means “Yummy” in Spanish and that’s exactly what RicoCoco’s Chocolate Tea is… YUMMY. Coco is relating to Cocoa as it’s the basis for all chocolate products.

Our Clients are the most important part of our business, and that’s YOU! We want to spread the Chocolate Tea love by giving you the best possible customer service and the best possible experience you could have from a supplier.

We are very passionate about our product as it satisfied our chocoholic cravings with the first sip. It saves us from our future genetic diabetes and putting on that extra kilo we all dread.

For us to find something Organic, and fat free that tastes like chocolate? We find it AMAZING!

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