My name is Erica, also known as Dame Knit-A-Lot and I live in Camden, south-west of Sydney, with my partner and son.

My mother taught me to knit at age seven, and I’ve loved it ever since. About ten years ago I stopped full-time work due to family needs and decided to have a go at selling my knitting to provide some extra income. I was surprised at how much people actually wanted to buy my creations! Since then I’ve developed a lot of my own designs and acquired a loyal clientele.

About half my items are made from commercial patterns and the rest are my own originals. I am happy to take custom orders, but ask for patience as each item is made entirely by hand, by myself, and it’s a time-consuming process! My style is very precise and clean, and I love experimenting with alternative genres like fairytale, fantasy, pagan, etc.

When I heard of Highlands Handmade, I really wanted to be part of it. I love the handmade and local aspect and I love sharing shop space with so many other talented people. I also sell online, and at various markets and festivals around Sydney.

For more information please see my website at or my Facebook page at

Items sold: (look for my number C383)

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