When I was eleven, my great Aunt Amy gave handmade botanical soaps to my sister and I for Christmas. They were so gorgeous that I didn’t use mine for nearly a year. Who made them I wondered? How did they get those delicate botanical ingredients into the bars? And why did they smell so amazing?

I have been obsessed with handmade soaps and old-fashioned beauty treatments ever since. As a teenager I loved the vintage advertisements for Violet Leaf Facial Powder sold in gold tins at the turn of last century in London. I read the novel Picnic at Hanging Rock at about the same time; Irma Leopold, the glamourous French student, was always my favourite character. In choosing a soap company name, I wanted it to speak to soaps made the traditional way, using traditional ingredients. I also wanted to make all natural soaps that were luxurious. Our company name is a wonderful summary of all the reasons I make soap.

Traditionally made, cold processed handmade soap – wherever you find it – is the best soap in the world you can use. IRMA and VIOLET soaps contain luxurious ingredients, like French pink clay and camellia oil, but they are also all natural and vegan friendly. IRMA and VIOLET soaps contain no palm oil, no synthetic fragrance and no synthetic colour. I spend a lot of time thinking about botanicals and butters and essential oils to add, and how they might all combine into a wonderful soap for you. If you have a special request, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You can buy from me online at http://www.irmaandviolet.com.au


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