Hello, my name is Anne and I started knitting and crocheting when I was 5 and basically I never stopped.

I would rarely be seen without some type of needlecraft or other in my hands. In 2007 I bought a knitting machine and starting making scarves, beanies, jumpers and what ever else took my fancy. I bought a few dud machines over the years and so my husband learnt to fix them up so now we also repair and recondition knitting machines.

As I was making so many knitted items I had to find somewhere to sell them, hence Anne’s Creations was born and I had a local market stall. I then bought an embroidery machine and this opened up a different line of items that I could sell, embroidered bath and hand towels, bibs, “t”shirts and again whatever I felt would be interesting.

In May of 2015 I was injured at work and after many treatments it was decided that I was never going to get back to work so I was medically retired and of course, due to my injury, I was also unable to run a market stall. Now this left me with many beanies, scarves, jumpers, bibs cot blankets and a whole lot more of my market stall items to sell.

I advertised on ebay but even though a sold a few items its very hard to sell items that you also have to post which puts the price of the items up too. I also turned to Facebook and opened a page called Anne’s Creations (of course), which I get a few orders from local people. Then I heard about what Angus was doing, well I jumped in and got my possie, now I have a way of selling my goods once again.

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