Hi, my name is Kathryn,

I have always loved to sew, make things, paint and after many years of being told that I should follow my love of craft work and making things, and also to have a bit of creative stress release from work, I decided to start my little cottage business; Therefore Rossendale Cottage was born in early 2016.

With the help of my husband, Kim, who is very supportive, I started on my adventure and when I can across Highlands Handmade at Moss Vale, the pieces just since to fall into place.

Rossendale Cottage items range from Lavender Filled Bunnies, Tea Towels, Placemats and Aprons, as well has some Christmas themed Table Runners, Tea Towels and Tree Decorations.

A special mention about the Lavender Bunnies which is where it all started. They are all filled with real Lavender, which is naturally dried and hand stripped. Rossendale Cottage bunnies are handmade and crafted locally in Bowral and made with loving care.

I joke that the Rossendale Cottage bunnies are all good natured and show a gentle disposition due to the loving care shown to them since birth.

Even though they started out to be a fun alternative to the square Lavender sachets for your drawers, wardrobes etc. I have had some great feedback that they make great kids toys and also are great for under kids pillows at night helping them relax and sleep better.

I must say that get quite a buzz out of seeing something that I have made get sold. Knowing that someone else thought highly enough of my work, that they liked it enough to buy it and take it home.

Thanking you
Kathryn and Kim
Rossendale Cottage C420

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