Well the start of winter is officially here – AND – we are basically one year old. Hooray!

This time 12 months ago we weren’t officially open yet to the public. The shelving had all been put up and a handful of people had started to bring some of their items in. First through the door were Michelle, Lynn, Evette and Kim all who are still with us today (although Lynn and her Sheepies are about to move away from the area :()

For the first couple of weeks I went around to all the markets to see if anyone would be interested in bringing their items in. I didn’t think we would have enough stuff to make it worthwhile opening so also did the rounds of all the op shops buying interesting inexpensive second hand bits and pieces for our “trash-and-treasure” room so we could have SOME items for sale. I also raided Norma’s shop next door (who is starting to open on Saturdays now – also hooray!) and got dozens of her beanies, scarfs, and other knitted items she had made over the years so the shop quickly started to look fuller. The “trash-and-treasure” room lasted less than a couple of months before we had to start taking the items back to Lifeline and the Salvos so we could make room for more crafters.

12 months later looking back I can’t believe how quickly the store was embraced by the Highlands and how quickly it filled up with wonderful things. What a transformation the store has seen in those 12 months. Truly a community effort.

Our first official sale was a pair of $35 earrings by Debbie sold on the 6th June as I wanted to open on a Monday and opening May 30th seemed silly 🙂

The goal for the first 12 months was to break $100,000 in sales. We did that months ago and with 1 week to go we are sitting on just over $127,000 in sales and WOW that is a LOT of $5 / $10 handmade items sold. The best thing is all of that money stays in the area genuinely helping local families with a bit of extra pocket money as well as providing an outlet for their craft and talent.

As always – thank you very much makers and customers alike for all your support.

Very much appreciated,

Angus and all the Highlands Handmade Makers.

Now onto the stats:

May Sales: $8,285.05 (9.7% increase over April)
Items Sold: 933
Average Price: $9.74 per product

Time since opened: 11 months, 26 days (or 360 days total)
Sales since opened: $127,144.105
Items sold since opened: 11558


Date Amount $ Sales
Jun-16 $6,937.05 457
Jul-16 $12,469.45 856
Aug-16 $11,121.90 845
Sep-16 $8,362.85 628
Oct-16 $11,163.00 1053
Nov-16 $11,828.00 1165
Dec-16 $22,630.50 2175
Jan-17 $8,753.25 814
Feb-17 $7,230.85 715
Mar-17 $9,276.95 1026
Apr-17 $8,285.05 891
May-17 $9,085.25 933




C463 Laura with Coasters, Prints
C453 Rachelle with Earrings
C293 Carol with Felted Hats and Beanies
C363 Laura and Josh with Prints and Cards
C386 Glenda with Knitted
C356 Maurie and Wayne with Necklaces and Earrings
C251 Julia with Jewellery
C392 Anne with Blankets and Bibs
C467C Dennis with Bags
C258 Leila with Necklaces and Earrings
C451 Dean with Soaps and Bath Bombs
C275 Andree with Cushions
C460 Robin with Purses and Tissue holders
C523 Marie with Knitting
C396 Jacqui with Towels and tea cosies
C370 Jacqui with Dolls and wool
C414 Marjorie with Cards, iPhone Bag, Aprons
C165 Lee with Candles and Melts
C155 Evette with Jewellery
C458 Zoe with Candles
C281 Shona with Jewellery
C519 Ai with Baby Things
C499 Pam with Woollen Items
C380 Harry with Woodwork
C433 Barbara with Soft Toys and Pegs


C363 Laura and Josh with Prints and Cards (tied)
C463 Laura with Coasters, Prints (tied)
C453 Rachelle with Earrings
C451 Dean with Soaps and Bath Bombs
C251 Julia with Jewellery
C165 Lee with Candles and Melts
C436 Sue with Butterfly Cards
C167 Bethany with Headscarves and Earrings
C368 Mikayla (age 10) with Cards
C155 Evette with Jewellery
C192C Alice (age 6) with Bracelets
C262 Shaye with Earrings
C430 Susan with Soaps
C414 Marjorie with Cards, iPhone Bag, Aprons
C183 Norma with Knitted
C258 Leila with Necklaces and Earrings
C293 Carol with Felted Hats and Beanies
C386 Glenda with Knitted
C452 Elaine with Variety
C470S Sami (age 10) with Scrabble Art
C505 Samantha with Chocolate Bouquets
C391 David and Ros with Jams
C388 Phillip with Eucalyptus
C392 Anne with Blankets and Bibs (tied)
C519 Ai with Baby Things (tied)

* Top 25 is based on a single store number. Many of our makers have 2 store numbers so if they were combined it might be a different result, but only the top one by value or quantity is shown.

Thank you very much to everyone who continues to make and buy locally. It genuinely makes such a difference to lots of families and individuals in the area to have people buying their products.

You can always see what sold each day at https://www.highlandshandmade.com.au or on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/highlandshandmade/ (as well as Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram or via our websites daily newsletter)

If you live in the area and make something and would like to be part of our shop and its community please contact us.

Thank you again for your continued support.

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