When we first opened the shop the back room was our “Bits-n-Pieces” room for a variety of second hand items that people no longer needed but didnt want to throw out or give away. It was quite popular and we are bringing it back now we have some more space again after our tidy up. We are primarily looking for toys, books (adult and childrens), craft supplies and bric-a-brac / china cabinet type things that you would like to pass on to others to enjoy.

Cost will be you can either rent a shelf for a flat fee with no commission (see attached image) – OR – you can put items in for 30% commission. Please note that we cannot accept any jewellery, watches, or electronic items. Anything brought in needs to be safe, clean, and in generally excellent condition.

Items on commission can be left for up to 2 months and if not sold can be taken out or deep discounted for month 3. Any items on commission that havent sold after 3 months either need to be picked up or we can donate them to the Moss Vale Life Line on your behalf. Likewise any items in a rented space where the rent has expired can also be picked up or donated. Please let me know your preference when you come in.

All items brought in will need to have your store ID (we can give you one) and the sell price. If you already have items in the shop you might need a second number to separate the rent from commission items.

If you are not sure whether the items you would like to bring in are suitable please message, email (, or call me (4869 3698).


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