Toasty. Quiet day today in the store. 37C degrees outside but still only 26C in the store so staying nice and cool. Spent the day cleaning up the shop – moving items around and have moved out the majority of the bric-a-brac items now. Will be all craft supplies and locally made items soon. Also have ordered large banner for the Market Stall Gazebo – thanks to Lesley for the Vistaprint suggestion.

Congratulations to today’s sellers and thank you to all the people who dropped in today 🙂

R8252 C424 Tie-dyed T-Shirt $10.00
R8252 C383 Knitted Rainbow $8.00
R8253 C179 Fairy Glitter $5.00
R8253 C179 Fairy Jar $10.00
R8254 C405 Glenquarry Calendar $20.00
R8255 C383 Knitted Snail $4.00

Lesley dropped in with some more Teether items with her Mum and Niece.

Couple of photos of the shop today for the new banner for our market gazebo.

Andrew dropped in with some more of Georgia’s Baby Bonnets.

Maurie brought in some more of her reinvented fork and spoon jewellery.

Lachlan brought is some more Hydrate Well which has been very popular with the hot weather


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