Congratulations to all of today’s sellers and thank you to all of our customers shopping locally 🙂

Don’t forget the Moss Vale Farmers Market is on tonight from 3pm to 6pm at the old bowling greens.

C473 Bag Bling $25.00 made by Martika
C436C Denim Bag $35.00 made by Sue
C393 Greeting Card $8.00 made by Colleen
C161 Bracelet $15.00 made by Debbie
C271 Greeting Card $6.00 made by Alexandra
C262 Greeting Card $3.00 made by Shaye
C445 Dress $34.00 made by Roslyn
C262 Earrings $7.00 made by Shaye
C459 Greeting Card $5.50 made by Daisy
C290C Mulberry Jam (No number) $7.00 made by Helene
C471 Custom Dog Collar $18.50 made by Breanna and Janelle
C289 Craft Supplies x 3 $3.00 made by Sam
C460 Tissue Cover $10.00 made by Robin
C383 Magic Mushroom $5.00 made by Erica
C100 Bag Bling $5.00 made by Angela
C258 Earrings $18.00 made by Leila
C159 Necklace $20.00 made by Michelle
C183 Gold Cloth $16.00 made by Norma
C412 Deodorant $15.00 made by Lavinia
C295 Warrigal Greens Native Spinach Seeds $5.00 made by Thelma
C159 Necklace $20.00 made by Michelle
C351 Bag Holder $20.00 made by Lucinda
C435C Art Supplies $2.00 made by Elena
C435C Craft Supplies $4.00 made by Elena
C391 Mini Jam $2.50 made by David and Ros



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