Congratulations to all of today’s sellers, and thank you as always to our customers.


C500 Wooden Car $6.70 made by Moss Vale Mens Shed
C500 Wooden Helicopter $6.70 made by Moss Vale Mens Shed
C521 Fragrant Disc $10.00 made by Marilyn
C178 Craft Supplies – Material $4.00 made by Sharyn
C457 Craft Supplies $4.00 made by Robyn
C251 Earrings $8.00 made by Julia
C181 Teething Ring $10.00 made by Sue
C416 Bandana Bib $6.00 made by Amanda
C357 Baby Bib $7.50 made by Renee
C529 Yarn $6.00 made by Gillian
C370 Bunny $8.00 made by Jacqui
C445 Outfit $18.00 made by Roslyn
C514 Cardigan $20.00 made by Margaret
C463 Coaster $8.00 made by Laura
C530 Baby Mittens $4.00 made by Mary
C447 Black Label Habanero Sauce $12.00 made by Anthony
C447 Balsamic Vinegar $16.00 made by Anthony
C251 Earrings $8.00 made by Julia
C000 Craft Supplies x 2 $1.00 made by Highlands Handmade




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