Very quiet day in the shop today after the super busy weekend.

Congratulations to all of today’s sellers, and thank you to the lovely customers who came in today.



C000 Craft Supplies – Bamboo Knitting 3.5mm $1.00 made by Angus
C354 Bag (no price or number) $10.00 made by Nichole
C430 Soap $5.95 made by Susan
C403 Greeting Card $5.00 made by Carolyn
C442 Super Bunny $25.00 made by Kim
C000 Light Box $25.00 made by Angus
C161 Bracelet $15.00 made by Debbie



Big shop welcome to Joanne from Robertson with her knitted Mermaid Tails ($50), Beanies ($15), and Hair Scrunchies ($5).




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