It was toasty today. Congratulations to all of today’s sellers and thank you for the customers who chose to brave the heat 🙂

C379 Helicopter $8.00 made by Richard
C386 Cockatoo $15.00 made by Glenda
C184 Dreamcatcher $25.00 made by Donna
C154 Greeting Card $9.00 made by Michele
C155 Craft Beads $3.00 made by Evette
C289 Craft Supplies $2.00 made by Sam
C424 Pants $10.00 made by Kim & Jodie
C407 Melts x 3 $3.00 made by Lilly
C167 Earring $5.00 made by Bethany
C470 Scrabble Art $5.00 made by Aliki (age 12) and Sami (age 10)
C405 Glenquarry 2017 Calendar $20.00 made by Janelle
C167 Earrings $5.00 made by Bethany
C389 Bath Bomb $6.00 made by Justine
C165 Melts x 6 $10.00 made by Lee
C159 Earrings $15.00 made by Michelle
C159 Ring $18.00 made by Michelle


Donna brought in some more of her Dream Catchers

and her popular Dreamcatcher Greeting Cards

Evette dropped in and updated her earrings and other jewellery.


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