Congratulations to all of today’s sellers, and thank you to our customers as well 🙂

Hope everyone had a good easter break.



C451 Craft Supplies x 2 $17.00 made by Dean
C373 Pencil Topper $8.00 made by Ephy
C373 Pencil Topper $8.00 made by Ephy
C165 Melts x 6 $10.00 made by Lee
C465 Bunny Rabbit $20.00 made by Mary
C388 Eucalyptus Soap $5.00 made by Phillip
C391 Carrot Cake Jam $6.00 made by David and Ros
C500 Wooden Helicopter $6.70 made by Moss Vale Mens Shed
C258 Earrings $12.00 made by Leila
C463 Coaster $8.00 made by Laura
C288 Tea Towel $10.00 made by Jane
C100 Keyring $8.00 made by Angela
C453 Earrings $7.50 made by Rachelle
C356 Ring $20.00 made by Maurie and Wayne
C507 Trinket Box $10.00 made by Pam





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