Quiet today with the wet weather rolling in. Sold some particularly nice items thought.

Congratulations to today’s sellers, and thank you to all of our customers.



C363 Gourmet Chocolate $8.00 made by Laura and Josh
C466 Horse: An Unhealthy Obsession (book) $16.00 made by Soo
C386 Highland Cow $15.00 made by Glenda
C386 Unicorn $28.00 made by Glenda
C523 Beanie $10.00 made by Marie
C438 Hand Towel $6.50 made by Claudia
C391 Lemon Lime Butter $7.50 made by David and Ros
C421 Greeting Card $3.00 made by Teresa
C421 Greeting Card $3.00 made by Teresa
C363 Greeting Card $6.50 made by Laura and Josh
C368 Greeting Card $3.00 made by Mikayla (age 10)
C523 Beanie and Jumper $30.00 made by Marie
C529 Beanie $10.00 made by Gillian
C386 Crocodile $25.00 made by Glenda
C433 Rabbit $18.00 made by Barbara
C499 Ewe Tea Cosy $45.00 made by Pam



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