Super quiet day today in the shop. Had only sold the first 4 items until 3:45pm then a last minute couple of visitors (Nellie and her family and friend) dropped in. First sale was at 10:30am so that took the pressure off early in the day which is always great πŸ™‚

Congratulations to all the sellers below, and thank you to today’s customers for coming in and purchasing.

C396 Moss Vale Tea Towel $10.00 made by Jacqui
C438 Carry Bag $11.50 made by Claudia
C453 Heart Kids Australia fundraising Earrings $5.00 made by Rachelle
C363 Greeting Card $5.50 made by Laura and Josh
C383 Kombi $20.00 made by Erica
C154 Craft Supplies $7.50 made by Michele
C154 Zippered Bag $15.00 made by Michele
C179 Bird Fairy Garden $8.00 made by Jo
C412 Rubber Duckie and Soap $8.00 made by Lavinia
C457 Craft Supplies $5.00 made by Robyn
C451 Room Scent $15.00 made by Dean
C169 Goats Milk Soap $2.50 made by Michelle
C389 Handmade Soap $8.00 made by Justine


Laura brought in some more of her coasters ($8) which have been selling very well this month.

Maurie came and updated her Earrings and Necklaces (made from upcycled spoons and forks).

Caroline brought in some more of her Lego Crayon men.

I tidied the shop, moved lots of things around, got a banner organised for the Southern Highlands Night Market on this weekend, have started on a leaflet for a letter box drop for next month, paid for the ad in the March / April Southern Highlands Magazine, updated the store background music, and did a bunch of other little bits and pieces. Also got in a heap of Bamboo 70% / Cotton 30% knitting skeins. I have a thing for Bamboo – love the concept of it. Looking forward to seeing what our knitters can make from it when winter approaches.



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