Quiet old Sunday. Thought I would open to see if there is any long weekend shoppers about.

Some pics from the night market last night also attached.

Just for fun, have set up and started a $5 daily / $150 monthly Facebook ad campaign running. Will be interesting to see if it is worthwhile and generates some more exposure over the next month or two.

Congratulations to all of today’s sellers, and thank you as always to all of our customers.



C000 Crochet Hooks $15.00 made by Highlands Handmade
C391 Mini Jams $5.00 made by David and Ros
C451 Melts (7 for $5) $5.00 made by Dean
C251 Earrings $30.00 made by Julia
C370 Doll $20.00 made by Jacqui
C392 Beanie $12.00 made by Anne
C370 Beanie $18.00 made by Jacqui
C183 Dress with Leggings $10.00 made by Norma
C184 Dreamcatcher $12.50 made by Donna
C428 Handmade Pen $20.00 made by David and Kerry
C288 Brooch $8.00 made by Jane
C363 Framed Quote $16.00 made by Laura and Josh
C251 Earrings $12.00 made by Julia
C463 Coaster $8.00 made by Laura
C460 Hanging Hand Towel $10.00 made by Robin
C447 Cajun Chilli Sauce $12.00 made by Anthony
C192C Bracelet $4.00 made by Alice (age 6)
C295 Warrigal Greens Native Spinach Seeds $5.00 made by Thelma
C451 Melts (7 for $5) $5.00 made by Dean




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