Busier day today with the nice warm weather. Congratulations to all of today’s sellers, and thank you to our wonderful customers who continue to support local.

C471 Dog / Cat Collar $12.00 made by Breanna and Janelle
C392 Cot Blanket $30.00 made by Anne
C290C Chutney $3.50 made by Helene
C290C Chutney $3.50 made by Helene
C268 Feijoa Jelly $8.50 made by Trish
C447 Chilli and Lime Salsa $10.00 made by Anthony
C391 Jam $5.00 made by David and Ros
C453 Earrings $7.50 made by Rachelle
C448 Candle $22.00 made by Daria
C373 Tiger Pencil Topper $8.00 made by Ephy
C2100 Greeting Card $4.00 made by Jann
C000 Bamboo Wool $3.00 made by Angus
C282 Chocolate Tea $12.00 made by Claudia
C391 Jam $2.50 made by David and Ros
C279 Pyrography Wooden Spoon $9.95 made by Jacqui
C438 Peg Bag $6.50 made by Claudia
C435 Craft Supplies x 3 $11.00 made by Lisa (age 10) and Sasha (age 9)
C451 Craft Supplies $2.50 made by Dean
C453 Heart Kids Australia fundraising Earrings $5.00 made by Rachelle
C441 Hairband $8.00 made by Sharyn
C414 Apron $20.00 made by Marjorie
C395 Dinosaur Tail $25.00 made by Michelle
C200 Clip-on Earrings $5.00 made by Adele (age 7) and Mia (age 11)
C280 Mini Jams x 2 $5.00 made by Tania
C000 Necklace $8.00 made by Angus
C197 Wooden Serving Platter $36.00 made by John and Jan
C286 Tissue Purse $4.00 made by Sharon and Emily
C396 Apron $15.00 made by Jacqui
C463 Coaster $8.00 made by Laura
C363 Greeting Card $5.50 made by Laura and Josh
C363 Greeting Card $5.50 made by Laura and Josh
C457 Apron $18.00 made by Robyn




Phil brought in more of his Eucalyptus range including hand sanitizers, room scents, soaps, potpourri and more.

Jacqui came in and updated her cube with lots more of her bits and pieces.




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