Nice start to the day with some early sales just after 10am. Very nice lady asked for some cards she could put around some of the Yoga Studios she teaches classes at. If anyone else would like a bundle of cards to pop somewhere the more exposure the better – thank you.

Congratulations to all of today’s sellers, and thank you as always to our wonderful customers.


C386 Wool x 3 $5.00 made by Glenda
C416 Tea Towel $10.00 made by Amanda
C178 Bookmark $2.50 made by Sharyn
C380 Doorstop $4.00 made by Harry
C463 Coaster $8.00 made by Laura
C436 Butterfly Card $3.00 made by Sue
C436 Butterfly Card $3.00 made by Sue
C436 Butterfly Card $3.00 made by Sue
C406 Earrings $15.00 made by Julie
C000 Tea Candle Burner $1.00 made by Angus
C356 Necklace $20.00 made by Maurie and Wayne
C279 Pyrography Wooden Spoon $9.95 made by Jacqui
C284 Ceramic Pig $25.00 made by Yvonne
C410 Cushion (no number) $20.00 made by Ronda
C192C Bracelet $3.00 made by Alice (age 6)
C192C Bracelet $3.00 made by Alice (age 6)
C463 Coaster $8.00 made by Laura
C159 Necklace $15.00 made by Michelle
C159 Ring $18.00 made by Michelle
C159 Earrings $25.00 made by Michelle
C370 Chill Pill $4.00 made by Jacqui
C453 Earrings $7.50 made by Rachelle
C453 Heart Kids Australia fundraising Earrings $5.00 made by Rachelle
C363 Greeting Card $5.50 made by Laura and Josh
C289 Baby Beanie $8.00 made by Sam
C286 Tissue Purse $4.00 made by Sharon and Emily
C436 Greeting Card $3.00 made by Sue
C407 Melt $1.00 made by Lilly



Ephy and Charles dropped in early with one of Ephy’s Amigurami Birds On a Branch ($15).


Colleen brought in some more of her 3D Popout Greeting Cards ($5).


Big shop welcome to Claire from “eflorresence” in Bundanoon with her all natural skincare range including massage oils ($15), cleansers ($25), hand washes ($20), hand creams ($25), and baby bottom balms ($15).





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