Crikey it was cold today. 10C maximum and that’s if you were in the sun. Where is global warming when you need it! Rest of the week doesn’t get much better.

Well done to all of today’s sellers, and thank you to our customers who braved the chill to come in.



C414 Greeting Card $4.50 made by Marjorie
C498 Hand Cream $25.00 made by Claire
C418S Fabric Covered Coaster Set $12.00 made by Stacey
C165 Melts x 6 $10.00 made by Lee
C000 Melter $1.00 made by Highlands Handmade
C356 Elephant Necklace $25.00 made by Maurie and Wayne
C502 Mermaid Tail Blanket $50.00 made by Joanne
C293 Felt Hat $35.00 made by Carol
C523 Beanie and Cardigan $30.00 made by Marie
C368 Card $2.00 made by Mikayla (age 10)
C453 Necklace $22.50 made by Rachelle
C409 Doll $35.00 made by Janet
C458 Candle $19.00 made by Zoe
C391 Jam $2.50 made by David and Ros
C165 Melts $5.00 made by Lee
C251 Earrings $4.00 made by Julia


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