Congratulations to all of our sellers, and thank you to all of our customers. Was a hot one out there today. Hit 36 outside but the shop managed to stay a cool 27.2 at its hottest thanks to the fans.

C418 Hand Sanitizer Hanging Cover $4.00 made by Nola
C161 Bracelet $15.00 made by Debbie
C197 Highlands Board Carving Board $45.00 made by John and Jan
C453 Earrings $7.50 made by Rachelle
C463 Framed Quotation $15.00 made by Laura
C426 Paper Teacup $6.00 made by Leisa
C482 Hot Sweet Chilli Sauce $9.50 made by Patrick
C161 Earrings $30.00 made by Debbie
C356 Elephant Necklace $20.00 made by Maurie and Wayne
C358 Zippered Bag $6.00 made by Chris
C290C Chutney $3.50 made by Helene
C391 Jam $6.00 made by David and Ros
C430 Soap $5.95 made by Susan
C444 Dot Art Wombat Magnet $5.00 made by Liz and Emily
C287 Button Brooch $7.00 made by Robyn
C287 Button Brooch $7.00 made by Robyn
C412 Lip Balm $5.50 made by Lavinia
C159 Earrings $15.00 made by Michelle
C159 Earrings $15.00 made by Michelle
C258 Earrings $10.00 made by Leila
C407 Coffee Melts x 3 $3.00 made by Lilly
C281 Necklace $10.00 made by Shona
C406 Earrings $15.00 made by Julie
C167 Earrings x 5 $20.00 made by Bethany
C159 Earrings $15.00 made by Michelle
C368 Greeting Card $2.00 made by Mikayla (age 9)
C460 Hand Towel $10.00 made by Robin
C273 Greeting Card $3.00 made by Ruth

Dennis brought in some more of his colourful bags ($12)

Jane restocked her Black and White Tea Towels ($10) after they all sold last week.

Robin dropped in some more of her Hand Towels ($10)

Lachlan dropped off more of Tanya Hydrate Well bottles ($20)

Andrew came in and restocked Georgia’s yummy Rocky Roads ($5) including a new Salted Caramel flavour as well as David and Ros’s Jams (from $2.50)



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