Well today was almost “that” day. Since we opened 18 months ago we haven’t had a day with zero sales. It was cold, windy, and quiet in Mossy and today our first sale wasn’t until 3:35pm (and we close at 4pm) so it was cutting it close. I put up a post around 2:30pm saying no sales so Dean and Susan (who both make soaps for the shop and then had a good old chat comparing techniques) and one of our long term local customers came into rescue me from getting a sales duck – so crisis averted. I was going to stay open until 6pm determined to get a sale, so hooray – and thank you 🙂


Bracelet $3.00 made by Alice (age 6) ( #192C )
Keyring $2.50 made by Ashlee (age 10) ( #502A )
Gift Box $2.50 made by Lenore ( #544 )
Lion Soft Toy $8.00 made by Roslind ( #408 )
Cloth $4.00 made by Elaine ( #452 )
Craft Supplies x 2 $4.00 made by Julia ( #251 )
Craft Supplies $3.50 made by Highlands Handmade ( #000 )

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