Today was our first birthday so happy birthday to us and all of our makers and customers. The year went by REALLY quickly. Amazing how all the little $5 here and $10 there type sales can add up. Well done to all involved.

Congratulations as always to all of todays sellers, and thank you to all of our wonderful customers.


C370 Beanie $15.00 made by Jacqui
C251 Craft Supplies x 4 $6.00 made by Julia
C155 Craft Supplies x 2 $2.00 made by Evette
C400 Craft Supplies x 5 $8.00 made by Laurel
C445 Handmade Dress $20.00 made by Roslyn
C295 Lemon Myrtle Hand Cream $20.00 made by Thelma
C391 Vanilla Bean Jam $6.50 made by David and Ros
C177 Beanie $12.00 made by Maureen
C447 Plum and Sesame Sauce $12.00 made by Anthony
C268 Exeter Honey $8.50 made by Trish




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