Haha – well today was a close shave. It was 4:40pm and we had only had 5 people in all day and 2 of them were people restocking. It was 3:40pm (shop closes at 4pm) and I was looking at the clock working out what I was going to buy myself so we didn’t record any $zero sales (I’ve been told by several people  who work in shops in Mittagong and Bowral that every now again they will have a day with no sales and I’m determined not to have one of them :)). I’ve always said I’d buy one of the hand made chocolates so at least I could commiserate with that – but I’ve started doing this low carb diet and chocolate is off the menu  – doh. I was trying to work out whose birthday was next – it was Dads so he was in danger of getting a glitter jar – when the floodgates opened. In came Elena at 3:45pm with her kids and hubby to restock so I strongly suggested she buy something. 2 minutes Barbara came in with her son, then Elaine, then Shu with her son so the day was saved and Dad doesn’t yet get a glitter jar for his birthday.

Congratulations to today’s sellers and thank you to last minute visitors 🙂

C489 Donut $8.00 made by Mingle
C407 Melts x 2 $2.00 made by Lilly
C165 Melt $2.50 made by Lee
C193 Glitter Jar $10.00 made by Georgia
C100 Bracelet $6.00 made by Angela
C379 Wooden Car and Caravan $15.00 made by Richard
C379 Wooden Car $8.00 made by Richard
C363 Greeting Card $5.50 made by Laura and Josh
C159 Ring $18.00 made by Michelle
C297 Hair Bow $4.00 made by Caroline

Robin brought in some of her Australiana themed purses and tissue covers

Rachelle came in and restocked her earrings

Barbara brought in some more of her Foxes and Sock Monkeys.

Elena brought in some more craft supplies.

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