Cold and wet today in Moss Vale, but we do need the rain.

Congratulations to today’s sellers, and thank you to our customers who braved the weather and dropped in.


C155 Craft Supplies x 2 $3.00 made by Evette
C251 Earrings $20.00 made by Julia
C463 Coaster $8.00 made by Laura
C386 Beanie $14.00 made by Glenda
C450 Men’s Leather Belt $39.00 made by Mark
C499 Sheep Tea Cosy $45.00 made by Pam
C155 Craft Supplies $4.00 made by Evette
C268 Cumquat Marmalade $8.50 made by Trish
C412 Beeswax Candle (no pic sorry) $4.55 made by Lavinia
C000 Ring $5.00 made by Highlands Handmade
C282 Chocolate Tea (no pic sorry) $12.00 made by Claudia
C430 Persimmons x 2 (no pic sorry) $2.00 made by Susan
C155 Earrings $4.00 made by Evette



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