Welcome to Highlands Handmade.

If you are a maker of things and live somewhere in the Highlands or its surrounds we would love for you to be able to sell your items in our shop here in Moss Vale.

The best thing to do is to come and drop in and have a look around, see what we already have in stock and how things are priced and presented. You can always check our website to see what is selling and how much for. Every day we post what sold.

If you have an idea for something you would like to sell in our shop please do email, message, call or drop in and ask first to avoid any disappointment.

We have some very basic criteria that all of our makers need to meet so that we can keep our shop local and interesting:

  1. The items need to be handmade or assembled by you in such a way that creates a unique item and adds reasonable value.
  2. You need to be considered local and live within 1 hours drive of the shop (we check using Google Maps).
  3. Your products need to fit within a cube sized space that is 33.5cm high x 33.5cm wide x 38.5cm deep.
  4. Your products need to be different to what we already have in the store.
  5. The sell price needs to be less than $100. We would recommend $50 to $60 as a maximum.

How much does it cost to sell items?

  • All goods in the store are sold on a consignment basis.
  • It  is very simple – you can rent a cube for $25 / month; OR you can sell your products for 25% commission. There are no other costs.
  • The first month is $25 and after that you can then decide to keep renting or switch to commission depending on how your sales go.
  • There is no minimum / maximum time period you are locked in for. You can swap between renting or commission at the start of each month depending on how you feel your sales are going.
  • The advantage of renting is that you get to pick your cube and get a better position, while if renting you might get moved around the store sometimes – which helps us keep the store looking new and ever changing. With renting you normally only need to sell one or two items a month and the cube is then paid for and the rest of the items are pure profit. Renters can bump people on commission out of a space to get a “better” space.
  • For slower selling items commission works best. For quicker selling, higher priced items renting works best. The advantage of commission is that if your products aren’t selling then there is no cost to you.
  • You can choose to have multiple cubes and can have some on rent and some on commission if it suits you better if you have lots of products.
  • If you are under 18 – we charge your age as commission to encourage little ones to make things. So if you are 10 we charge 10%.
  • If you are over 80 – we charge 100 minus your age. So if you are 90, you pay 10%.
  • If your products need to hang (ie not go in a cube) then they need to be sold on commission. There is very limited space for hanging items.
  • You can update your cube and your items as often as you like. You can add signs, business cards promoting your own site etc.
  • We don’t require any exclusivity. You can have your items in shops next door, at markets, online etc. We don’t mind.
  • You will need to provide photo ID with your address on it so we know you live in the area. We don’t copy it or record it, just sight it.
  • You dont need to work any days in the store 🙂

Pricing Guide:

  • Pricing is completely up to you – the maker of the item. Ultimately the consumer decides if the price is right.
  • All products MUST have a price and your shop number attached to them BEFORE you bring them into the store.
  • Ring or drop in BEFORE you bring your items in so we can assign you a shop number. Phone is 02-4869-3698.
  • We highly recommend using a sticker or a swing tag that customers can remove if they wish to give the item as a gift.
  • A lot of people use business cards where they can write on the back what the product is and then add a removable sticker with their store number and the price. We think this is a good idea as people can then contact you directly to re-order or ask for commissioned pieces to be made etc.
  • Stickers and Tags should contain both the price and your number in the same spot and be on the front of the product where possible.
  • Pricing must be done BEFORE you come into the store.
  • You can buy tags and stickers from the local stationary shop next to Coles in Moss Vale if in the area. A 3 minute walk from the shop.

How long can you leave goods in the store for?

Retail is a funny thing where sometimes products just don’t sell in our shop or sell very slowly. If your product doesn’t sell, don’t be disappointed, there is nothing wrong with them, we just haven’t had the right customer walk in. As a shop (and you as a maker) we want to have items that sell and turnover to keep the store interesting and attracting new customers. We genuinely want to give everyone a chance and and have a good experience but demand is determined by the customers voting by purchasing (or not).

  • After 2 months if your item hasn’t sold you can either take it out OR deep discount it (eg reduce the sale price by 30-50%) and see if it then sells.
  • If it hasn’t sold after 3 months of being in the store, then you will need to take it out for a bit. You can then try it again in a couple of months. Its funny how sometimes things can sit for a while, can be taken out, brought back and then sell straight away 🙂

Seasonal Items (this section continually being updated):

  • January: All christmas products need to be removed by the end of the second week of January.
  • February: Valentine’s day is the 14th.
  • March: Start of Autumn and based on the weather this year, the start of Winter in the Highlands. Winter products are welcome from the start of March. Not before. (ie typically anything knitted you wear).  Easter themed products also welcome from the start of March.
  • April: Easter / Good Friday is the 14th April 2017. Anzac Day is 25th of April.
  • May: Sunday May 14th is Mothers Day.
  • June: 
  • July:
  • August: Spring is only a month away so it’s time to start thinking about discounting any of your winter items. Don’t forget first Sunday in September is Fathers Day if you have any gift ideas to make.
  • September: Summer products are welcome from the start of September. Sunday September 3rd is Fathers Day. Winter products need to all be removed from the store by the end of September. Basically anything knitted you wear should be taken out, stored, and brought back next year for winter.
  • October: Tuesday October 31st is Halloween. Halloween themed products are welcome from the start of October and should be removed at the start of November. Christmas themed products are welcome from the start of October as well – not before.
  • November: Starts to get busy this month with the lead up to Christmas.
  • December: Start of Summer. Major retail month. We typically do double our normal sales.  The shop is typically closed from December 25th to the second Monday of January.


  • Come and have a wander around the shop and see what other people are making and how much they are selling them for.
  • Keep an eye on eye on the website – every day we post what we have sold – so you can get an idea of what is selling and what for.
  • You don’t have to have the cheapest price to sell the most. Our top sellers typically have more expensive pricing reflecting the quality of their work.
  • Packaging is important. The best sellers tend to have the best packaging and presentation.
  • People are mostly looking for gift ideas. If your products looks “gifty” that helps.
  • 95% of our customers (and makers) are women.
  • People will typically spend $20 on a gift for someone without thinking too much about it. They will spend up to $50 on a gift for a special friend. Over $50 they are typically buying something they love for themselves. Over $100 it becomes art and doesn’t sell very well in our shop.
  • You can decorate your cube and add signs or removable stick-on hooks to the insides of your cubes.
  • You should work out how to best display your products – eg put them in a basket or make some custom shelves.
  • You are very welcome to add business cards to your cube promoting your other products, web site, facebook site etc.

How do I know if my things have sold:

  • You can drop in and have a look at your space.
  • Every day we post our sales to our Facebook Page, Website, and Newsletter. My tip would be subscribe to the newsletter as you will get any sales in your email box without needing to check the site or Facebook page.
  • If you miss a couple of days / weeks you can search the website. If you do a search for your number (eg 363) it will show you all the days where one of your items has sold. You can then go into that day and see which item sold.


If you would like to make something but not quite sure what, have a look at the following links to see what others are making.

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