Hi all, I have mentioned this to a couple of people in the shop now and thought I should put up a post. Early on in the new year – sometime around Feb / March I would like to take a break and exit the shop and do something else.

I would VERY much like to see the shop keep going but I would like to do some travel and get out and about a bit more.

As such I would like to GIVE the shop (ie the business) back to the community and have it continue to be run and owned and operated by the makers (eg like a co-op or committee) or even to an individual who would like to take over from me and keep running it.

To be clear. I will exit the business and the new person or group will be the 100% owners and decision makers and be able to run it / sell it / close it as they see fit. They can continue to run it how it is, or change the model completely. eg all rent or commission only, or some combination. It will be 100% their business and they make the rules. I will exit out and no longer have any ownership and simply be paid rent for the premises as if a new type of business had moved in.

It might suit a younger more tech savvy mum who can organise some of the admin and payments or likewise suit some of our retirees or casual workers who might like to work a day or two a month in exchange for free rent in the shop etc. The business is profitable at its current levels and could be more so for the right person or group.

If you are interested in being part of a committee or organising one or running it on your own please let me know (either when you next come into the shop, or via email or PM or reply to this post) and I will see if I can connect a few of you together depending on what the interest is.

Its been a great journey so far, the business is up and running and working well, and I do hope someone takes it on and continues it.

Its not the end of Highlands Handmade – simply the next evolution hopefully where now I have done my bit getting it up and running (the part I like the most) the community can now take over and continue to run it πŸ™‚

Any questions / comments please ask away privately or on here – especially if you might be interested in taking it on and others might join you.


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