Hi all, just as an update the shop will be closing down permanently (at this location) by the mid to the end of March.

On the good news front, there are 3 or 4 people looking into setting up a space in a couple of different locations where the concept can continue. If something goes ahead I will let everyone know.

The shop has been a great experience for all and while the business is profitable and could keep going – it’s more time for me (Angus) to be able to do something else clever and new. I like projects – so I genuinely hope that it does indeed pop back up again somewhere else. It’s a super simple concept, with almost no overheads and everyone has now been well trained to add their price and numbers to all their items 🙂

If you know of or have a space in a shop or location somewhere in the Highlands or surrounds and would like the idea of unique locally hand made items to help draw in shoppers please let me know and I will do what I can to help.

To all our makers and customers thank you so much for being part of the fun of the shop. It has indeed been a truly enjoyable experience discovering how many talented local creators we have and even more so how many people genuinely appreciate locally made items.

For our makers with things still in the shop it would be great if you could try and pick them up over the next couple of weeks. I will still be open trading but would like to have all items out by the close of business Saturday March 16th. I realise some people might not be able to get here by then so will be around for them to pick up their items afterwards by arrangement.

Any items that you no longer want and are happy to gift onwards please let me know and I can happily donate them to our local Lifeline here in Moss Vale. Anything still here in April will also get donated to Lifeline.

Thank you again to everyone for being part of the adventure.

Angus and all the makers at Highlands Handmade.

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